Tuesday, December 29, 2009

hello readers I'm on again. Today some of our cousins came,from my mom's side, and we all played freeze tag with the "babies" there are three 4 year-olds, well them and my sister, they were all a little pouty about being frozen but they ran me ragged and I ended up having to go outside to cool down.Then they had a beauty contest and one went crying to grandma for not winning,but then my mom cheered her up with some funny pictures. thats all for now I gotta eat lunch bye!

Monday, December 28, 2009

Today we took down the Christmas ornaments and the tree (sob) it was the best christmas I have ever had.The legos I got were bigger than I expected and now my lego table is completely full and I can't play with them (sigh) oh well now I can put them into cool positions.We, my family and I, tried to do a hula hoop to put it plainly I was first... first loser that is although my sister did surprisingly well.It felt weird trying to move my hips around in circles and my grandma almost beat me.Well now I'm done and just heard the oven go off so see ya till then!